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She didn’t just produce. She expressed her heart. She didn’t just arrive. She Made It. Join your host, actress-turned-entrepreneur-turned artist, Elle Zimmerman to eavesdrop on conversations with brave women who have stepped into their creative life purpose. These are the stories of how they started a business or worked toward a creative endeavor, what they did when they wanted to quit and how they knew they should keep going.  When you hear how they acted on inspiration and overcame resistances, you will believe that if she made it, you can too.

Oct 11, 2021

What if your life didn’t have to be so hard? What if it could feel effortless and joyful? And what if you could learn to love yourself even when you don’t like yourself? In our conversation, I explored these possibilities in a She Made It LIVE webinar with Arvat McClaine. Her journey began in poverty, abuse, and depression—and her transformation story is nothing short of inspiring.  Today, she is a self-made millionaire and author whose mission is to help others break out of limiting paradigms, love themselves unconditionally and live with purpose.  Nearly every woman I talk to battles thoughts of unworthiness and uncertainty on the path to purpose. But most of us are living just a few mindset shifts away from a life that feels purposeful. If you want to make a shift, tap into your magic, align with the divine and recalibrate your life, listen in.

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