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She didn’t just produce. She expressed her heart. She didn’t just arrive. She Made It. Join your host, actress-turned-entrepreneur-turned artist, Elle Zimmerman to eavesdrop on conversations with brave women who have stepped into their creative life purpose. These are the stories of how they started a business or worked toward a creative endeavor, what they did when they wanted to quit and how they knew they should keep going.  When you hear how they acted on inspiration and overcame resistances, you will believe that if she made it, you can too.

Jun 23, 2020

Ever feel like you’re not doing enough? Or wonder if your experience is insignificant when you know that so many other people are hurting more? A lot of us have been feeling emotionally overwhelmed in the midst of COVID-19, followed by the loss of innocent Black lives and divisive protests around the country. While these two things have affected all of us in different ways, they still affect all of us, whether directly or indirectly. But what do we do next? A revolution has many lanes, and our responsibility is to find the one we can move into. This episode is a replay of the live webinar I hosted with Licensed Professional Counselor Sharon Hicks, founder of Kintsukuroi Counseling. It’s a conversation about collective and indirect trauma, healing from within, and holding space for others and for ourselves—and why that’s not mutually exclusive. 


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